Oily Hair Care Tips : Dealing with oily hair can be frustrating, especially if you have to constantly wash your hair to keep it looking clean. But, there are several Tips to Keep Oily Hair Under Control. These hacks can help you to extend the time between washes, keep your hair looking fresh and voluminous, and ultimately make your hair more manageable. In this article, we will discuss some of the best hacks for dealing with oily hair that you can try at home. Whether you have long, thick hair or short, fine hair, these tips can help you keep your hair looking its best.
Tips to Keep Oily Hair Under Control:

1. Use dry shampoo: 

Dry shampoo is a quick and easy way to absorb excess oil and refresh your hair. Apply it to your roots and use your fingertips to work it into your scalp. Let it sit for a few minutes, then brush it out.

2. Avoid over-washing: 

While it may be tempting to wash your hair every day to combat oiliness, over-washing can actually strip your hair of its natural oils, causing your scalp to produce even more oil. Try to limit washing your hair to every other day or even every three days.


3. Rinse with cold water: 

After washing your hair, rinse it with cold water. This will help to close your hair cuticles and reduce the production of oil.

4. Use apple cider vinegar: 

Mix equal parts water and apple cider vinegar and use it as a final rinse after shampooing. This will help to balance the pH level of your scalp and reduce oiliness.

5. Use a clarifying shampoo: 

Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup from your hair and scalp. This will help to prevent oil from accumulating and make your hair feel fresher.

6. Use a boar bristle brush: 

Boar bristle brushes are great for distributing natural oils throughout your hair and scalp. Brush your hair from root to tip to help distribute the oil evenly.

7. Avoid touching your hair: 

Touching your hair throughout the day can transfer oil from your hands to your hair, making it look even more greasy. Try to avoid touching your hair and keep your hands away from your scalp as much as possible.

8. Blow dry:

For greasy hair, use a blow dryer to dry. You can blow dry your hair if it’s oily and you don’t have time to shampoo. You can style your hair whichever you like after blow drying to get rid of the oil buildup. Use a fixing shine spray to the hair after blow drying it. Your hair will appear sleek, shiny, and clean if you use this.

9. Baby powder:

How to use it This hack will be quite helpful for you if your hair is very oily. I assume you used baby powder when you were younger. You’ll need it once more now. Oily hair might benefit greatly from baby powder. Apply powder to the root and top of the hair if you notice that it has gotten oily.
Using just enough baby powder will keep your hair looking wonderful while absorbing the oil. If not, your hair will seem white. To ensure that the powder is evenly distributed throughout the hair, comb it for a while after applying it.

10. Do braid hairstyle

For greasy hair, use braids. Do you enjoy creating hairstyles? The braid hairstyle is helpful, particularly if your hair is oily. This hairstyle can be created in a variety of ways. The free bread style is the greatest. This hairdo is simple to create. To improve the attractiveness of your hair, apply accessories.
If your hair is oily then it is not necessary that you have to do hair wash daily. You can get rid of this problem by following some beauty hacks.

Keep these things in mind to Control oily hair

  • Rinse hair thoroughly.
  • Every time you wash your hair, pay close attention to the scalp and roots. This is due to oil production on the scalp.
  • At least twice a week, wash your hair.
  • Your hair will become less greasy if you do this, but you should also avoid over-washing it. Dry hair may result from this.
  • Oily hair is unattractive. You should not maintain an open hairdo in this circumstance. Instead, make bread or buns.
  • Apply a fresh comb to the hair. A dirty comb will make the hair even dirtier, which could cause problems for you. Even worse, avoid combing your hair with someone else’s comb.

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