21 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions to Visit in Bali |

21 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions to Visit in Bali

Best place to visit in Bali : The island of Bali is one of the attractions of Indonesia, which is known for its beautiful tourist destinations. Bali, located to the east of the island of Java, attracts tourists for its water sports activities on its sea beaches. The island of Bali is famous all over the world for its fragrant rice, delicious cuisine, attractive beaches, art-culture and traditions of Bali.

Apart from this, tourists get to see Bali’s Sunrise and Sunset Point in addition to scenic temples, attractive waterfalls and retreats during Bali tourism. The beauty of the island of Bali compels tourists to come here again and again. If you want to get more information about the island of Bali and its major tourist destinations, then definitely read our article completely –

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Bali Indonesia History

The history of the island of Bali dates back to prehistoric times. It is believed to have proved to be an excellent trading place for Hindu merchants during the 4th-5th century. After this Bali came under the Maja pahit kingdom. The island of Bali was inhabited by many tribes, and the most historic period of European colonization was during the 16th century. With the arrival of Dutch settlers, many areas of the island changed and their culture left its influence here. The Dutch ruled here in 1710, but during the Second World War, Indonesia was taken over by Japan.

Top Tourist Places In Bali

1). Lovina
Lovina, one of the tourist places in Bali, is known for its beautiful beaches. You can have a lot of fun, drink beer at the sea beach of Lovina. Let us tell you that Lovina, located in the northern region of Bali tourism, is famous for activities like luxurious resort, black sand beach, dolphin watching, snorkeling and scuba diving. Hot springs, Buddhist temples, sunrise and sunset views in Banjar attract tourists.
2). Canggu
Canggu tourist places included in the places to visit in Bali is a coastal village. Which proves to be an ideal place for all types of tourists, especially for those tourists who are in search of peace. You can enjoy surfing, sea waves, sunrise and sunset views and swimming in Canggu.
3). Pura Tanah Lot Temple
Pura Tanah Lot Temple, which is included in the main sightseeing places of Bali, remains a center of faith among tourists. Pura Tanah Lot Temple is one of the six revered cardinal temples of Bali. The Pura Tanah Lot Temple is dedicated to the goddess of the ocean. Being situated on the edge of the rocks, the temple offers breathtaking views. Tourists visiting Bali must visit Pura Tanah Lot Temple.
4). Ubud Art Market
Among the places to visit in Bali, Ubud is a major tourist destination which is known for its attractive art works. In Bali you will find many art studios, galleries, antiques, local craft markets, exotic clothing, paintings, jewelry, wood carvings etc. Tourists visit in large numbers to see Bali’s main Agung Rai Museum, Setia Derma House in Maskia, Neka Art Museum.
5). Seminyak Bali
Seminyak, a famous tourist destination of Bali, is famous for its spectacular nightlife and shopping. Seminyak tourist destination is located on the southwest coast of Bali. The streets in Seminyak are full of luxurious restaurants and boutique hotels that offer delicious food. Attractive parties, surfing, sitting near the beach and drinking beer are all fun in their own right. Tourists automatically get drawn towards Seminyak tourist place.
 6). Uluwatu Beach
You will not find a better place than Uluwatu to enjoy beach surfing in your trip to Bali. Tourists show off their surfing skills on board and enjoy the sea waves in Uluwatu. Not far from Uluwatu, Padang Beach is also located, which is very popular among tourists for water-related activities. Uluwatu temples are a major attraction here.
7). Nusa Lembongan
Nusa Lembongan is one of the best places to see in Bali and this place offers immense pleasure to the tourists. Nusa Lembongan is mostly visited by tourists who are interested in adventure activities. Let us tell you that you can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, cruise riding, Devil’s Tears Rock Outcrop, etc. in Mushroom Bay.
8). Green Bowl Beach
Bali’s famous Green Bowl beach attracts tourists, which is very popular among tourists who are looking for some quiet place. If you want, you can also go on a visit to the limestone caves near the beach, which can add four moons to your journey. Apart from this, you can also enjoy water sports here.
9). Sanur Bali
During Bali tourism, you can also visit Sanur, which is known for its spectacular night market. Sanur is considered a treasure trove of fascinating artefacts which is known for the spectacular Sunrise and Sunset Pont. Apart from surfing, glass boat rides, kayaking, parasailing and fishing, one can also enjoy seafood tasting in Sanur.
10). Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua, a romantic place in Bali, is very popular among tourists who want to spend time alone with their partner. Nusa Dua is one of the best places for honeymoon in Bali. Apart from this, many water sports like surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, snorkeling, golf course, surfing, scuba diving, parasailing are the main centers of tourist attractions in Nusa Dua.
 11). Ubud Monkey Forest Bali
Places to see in Bali Ubud Monkey Forest is a major tourist attraction. Here you can see monkeys roaming around. Many species of gray long-tailed monkeys can be seen in the Ubud Monkey Forest. This place is no less than a paradise for monkey lovers and photographers. The main sightseeing places of Ubud include Pura Biji Temple and Pura Prajapati Temple etc. Apart from this, the major attractions here include Agung Rai Art Museum, Blanco Renaissance Museum etc.
12). Tirtha Empul Temple Bali
Bali’s religious tourist place Tirtha Empul Temple is considered a symbol of faith of tourists visiting Bali. The Tirtha Empul Temple is located in Manukaya village near Tampaskiring town. It is believed that the water of Phubbro situated at this place is holy.
13). Bali Safari and Marine Park
Marine Safari Park in Bali is one of the most visited places in Indonesia which are included in the best vacation spots for kids. The island is home to Indonesia’s most beautiful flora and fauna. You can see more than 60 species of animals roaming here.
14). Baisakhi Temple
Baisakhi Temple is a religious place located in Bali, which is made up of 22 small temples. Baisakhi temples are located on the southwest slope of Mount Agung region of Bali.
15). Jimbaran Beach
Located on Bali’s southwest coast, Jimbaran Beach is unquestionably one of the nicest beaches to visit.

Spend at least one evening here to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner while taking in the sunset.

16). Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach, a superb surf area near Uluwatu, is regarded as one of Bali’s best-kept secrets.
Many travelers might not instantly notice this little gem because it is hidden by the rocks. Undoubtedly one of the most stunning beaches in Bali.
17). Bali Bird Park
Visit Bali Bird Park in the Gianyar Regency to see the world’s largest and greatest collection of Indonesian birds and get up up and personal with amazing species from Africa and South America.
An educational attraction that the entire family can enjoy.
18). Green Village
Green Village is a creative community of bamboo homes and villas situated on the revered Ayung River and tucked away in the lush Balinese forest.

Along with the renowned Green School, Green Village is one of Bali’s most notable neighbour hoods for environmentally friendly housing.

19). Waterbom

If you need a day off from exploring Bali and its wonderful sun, head to Waterbom. Enjoy some cool drinks and relaxation time by the swimming pool.
One of the best locations to visit in Bali if you want to have a good time with your pals is this waterpark, which is the best on the island.
20).  Ubud Royal Palace
In the centre of the city of Ubud sits the magnificent historical building complex known as the Ubud Royal Palace.
This location, also known as Puri Saren Agung, was home to the Royal family. Among Ubud’s historical attractions, this is a must-do.
21). Gunung Kawi Temple
One of Bali’s most well-known archaeological monuments, Gunung Kawi Temple, also known locally as Pura Gunung Kawi, is made up of a number of old shrine reliefs carved into the side of a rock cliff.

One of Bali’s most revered tourist destinations is the 11th-century Hindu burial complex.

Best Time To Visit Bali Tourism 

The best time to visit Bali tourist places is considered to be between April to October. Tourists can also be a part of water activities in Bali during this time and enjoy the fun here.

Where To Stay In Bali 

If you want to stop after visiting the island of Bali and its major tourist places. So let us tell you that you will find many types of hotels in Bali. You can choose the hotel according to your budget and requirement.
  • Hoshinoya Bali
  • Grand Hyatt Bali
  • Eden Hotel Kuta Bali
  • Mercury Bali Legian
  • Pemedal Beach Resort

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